Why Consider Use of Force Course New York For Law Enforcement Officers

Determining the right amount and type of force to use when confronted by a threat from an opponent has always been a chore for officers everywhere. Some in a bid not to use too much force has ended up as victims of violent attacks that have even led to the death of officers in various cases. In other cases, the reverse is obtainable when the opponent suffers unwarranted injuries due to the exertion of too much force on them by the officers. It becomes pressing therefore that officers should learn when and how to use just about the right amount of force needed. This is why it is important to enroll for the use of force course New York

How to Handle Surprise Attacks

Many law enforcement agencies are now implementing training that deals with handling surprise attacks into their curriculum. This is because the threat is real out there in the field and the first few seconds are vital for an officer if he must successfully handle such circumstances.

Most surprise attacks happen in close range, often within arm’s length. This already puts officer’s at a disadvantage as much of their training focuses on handling situation where they must have seen or sensed their opponents and are prepared for the attack. So what do you do?

  • Since it is a surprise attack, you have not been able to gauge the level of danger present. It would be shrewd therefore to use simple techniques such as an elbow strike, knee thrust or a hammer fist to disorientate your assailant quickly. This gives you the precious time to quickly assess the situation and take the necessary step, like disarming the assailant if he was carrying a weapon or drawing up a weapon of your own.
  • If you choose to draw a weapon, ensure that it is close to you and cannot be easily taken from you or knocked out of your grasp by your opponent. Since it is a close quarter confrontation, these are very possible scenarios. This is the time to employ shooting techniques that enable you to keep the gun close to your body or away from the opponent.

It is easier said than done when discussions are about handling violent close quarter attacks, but with a high level of commitment, skill and techniques, you would always be prepared to take on any surprise attacks anytime any day.

Use of force course New York is geared towards making a police officer or law enforcement agent better prepared for field actions. Issues may arise even without prior notification. In this case, how do you defend yourself or get a hold of the suspect? Use of force training will teach you all there is to know with regards to putting even the toughest situations under control. Your best bet is to look for a reliable center that offers use of force course for law enforcement agents.