What Consists of an Effective Composition?

Writing an essay is easy, but it doesn’t guarantee that it will come out effective. This is because not anyone can write an English composition that provides clarity and coherence, not to mention an engaging plot. It is downright important that when you write an essay, you are able to convey the message that you want to present to your audience, so that they not only understand what you are saying, but as well develop an opinion of their own based on your insights.

But what consists of an effective English composition? If you are looking to improve the way you write, or if you are aiming to instill to your child the right way to write, then below are the elements to take into consideration:

  1. Presence of the main idea.

Having a main idea is one of the foundations of every essay. It serves as the soul of the whole composition, and without it you will not be able to deliver your message right.

It is easy to see when an essay has a main idea. It is when the essay has a central plot where and all the succeeding arguments revolve around it. The main idea is often presented at the beginning of the essay, discussed in different aspects in the body, and once again highlighted at the conclusion.

  1. The arguments are coherent and relate to the main idea.

Another element of an effective essay is when all its arguments are coherent and relate to the main idea. In essence, these points have to be relevant to the main idea. This can be tricky to come up with especially when you have a lot of opinions to say about your subject, and there will be times when you find it hard to choose which of them to include in your essay.

If you have a difficulty determining which arguments to include in your essay, it would help to organize your ideas using an outline first, so that you would know how to structure your composition accordingly. This way you would also see how your essay looks like once it is completed.

  1. The essay has a concrete conclusion.

Aside from having a main idea and a set of coherent and relevant arguments, an essay also becomes effective when it is closed properly. Your essay should then have a concrete closing point, where your arguments are gathered in a summary and your main idea is once again highlighted.

An effective essay conclusion is when the writer is able to provide a resolve to the issue presented in the narrative, or at least a direction they want their readers to follow after hearing out their arguments.

  1. Clean grammar.

Lastly, an effective essay is one that is presented with clean grammar. It is because it is the little things that count, such as correct spelling, proper use and parallelism of tenses, and observance of the rules of subject-verb agreement.

A sloppily written essay often entails the writer’s character, so it is important that you know how to proofread your work prior to finalizing your narrative. This way, not only are your arguments recognized, but your whole writing appreciated by your readers.