Try To Choose The Best Tutor With Quality

Students who are posting questions in the website to take help for their home work or project often does not get the quality answers they are looking for. Sometimes answers may not up to the expectations and sometimes answers might have plagiarized from some other place. While these things are common in the free websites which offers the help, things are much better in the paid websites such as study pool. They does not things guaranteed and ensure only the quality people are on board to provide the help.

Enrolling only after stern test

People who want to enroll themselves as the tutors in the website need to undergo online test first. Those who pass the online test will then have to submit the copies of their educational qualifications via the website. Once it is received and verified they are good to provide assistance to students who are seeing help for chemistry help . All the tutors are divided in to three tiers with bottom tier tutors are expected to provide the answers with the satisfactory levels 85 to 90% and the middle tiers are the one with the satisfactory level of 90 to 100 %.  Top tier which is called Ivy League consists of students and experts from the top universities and with the quality that is on offer the charges for the questions will be around $15.

Students can provide their feedback about the answers they are getting from the experts. With this feedback, those with the quality answers and higher reputation will get recommended by the website itself in the future questions. This forces the tutors to be on their toes while answering. Another way of checking the quality is the free plagiarism check offered by the website. Students can check the answers and ensure they are not copied from anywhere else.