Schools that come to your home

Today students have learned to adjust to adult life while they are working. With the cost of living hitting a record high in developed economies, youngsters need to contribute to the family livelihood as well! Luckily today online schools are available that present a suitable option for school going youngsters to study along with their part-time job schedules.

Online schools – an affordable luxury:

Online educational institutions have a major advantage over traditional counterparts. And that is it provides education at an affordable price. Traditional colleges incur costs such as transportation, cafeteria fees, hostel or alternate accommodation fees. These costs are nonexistent in the case of a highschool online.  As a student, you get to decide the tutoring schedule that is a luxury rarely afforded in offline learning. In a traditional classroom, you need to pick up your pace of learning. In online schools, you can learn at your own pace. Online high schools allow for better students teacher interaction. With the help of online schools, you can get access to tutors worldwide and can get multiple expertise on any subject at any time. A bonus is you get to collaborate with students of other countries. So you get to know their cultures and work environment that will increase your sensitivity towards multicultural people when studying or working with them.

Online schools – too close for comfort

Online schools may have revolutionized the education industry. But it has its share of demerits as well. It has reduced the commitment of students towards studies. The deadlines associated with completing assignments on time have been relaxed in online schools that remove the element of urgency and accountability in students. This is dangerous as it can have a negative impact on the student’s professional life post-graduation. Secondly, being glued to your laptop rains doldrums on your health in the form of impaired vision, back problems, the absence of offline social life. There are a lot of fraudulent high schools and colleges in the market that poise false accreditation and swindle money from unaware students. Hence a thorough check of the online institution is necessary before investing in its course.