It’s Java to the fore, all the way

The most beloved programming language continues to set the bar for developers all over the world, merging effortlessly with new technology and old.

Certain things in life never change, and that is owing to their enduring power. It is not always necessary to reinvent the wheel when a certain system works just fine. At best, one may try to improve upon the existing systems to get a better result for the future.

This philosophy certainly applies to the programming language Java. Though it is over two decades old, its utility in coding and programming continues to be unquestioned. It is the programming language of choice in India and abroad, and experienced programmers are always in demand.

You can learn the fundamentals of Java programming before moving on to more advanced GNIIT courses to gain expertise in the field.

The importance of learning Java

Java was first developed in 1994, by the Sun Microsystems company in the US. It is a programming language that was first developed as a simpler counterpoint to the other programming languages of that time, such as C++. The problem that many developers faced with the prevalent programming languages was that these languages’ scripts were too cumbersome to find out bugs, and hence, too cumbersome to fix.

  • Meanwhile, Java proved to be a simpler, more flexible tool in the hands of expert developers who knew how to execute various scripts with Java at the back end, and with more versatility and ease of use. On its release, it took the developers’ world by storm and it continues to be the most preferred programming language today.
  • Today, reputed technical institutions like NIIT offer the advanced GNIIT course and GNIIT software engineering course to equip students with both the basics and advanced concepts of writing programmes using Java in the wireframe.
  • With Java powering all the digital devices in use in the country today, the GNIIT course is a godsend for those wishing to make a career in web development and creating mobile applications, among many others. Java is at the root of all systems, from TV set top boxes to mobile phones, so the potential for learning and advancement is immense.

The GNIIT software engineering course: Fast track your career

NIIT imparts training in Java programming, coding and scripting with a range of courses, from advanced Java to different certification levels like OCA, OCE and OCP.

The GNIIT course is designed for advanced learners with a certain expertise level in advanced Java. It is a diploma course with intense learning and guaranteed placement upon completion.