How to write a compelling concert review

For those in college undertaking an area of study that involves the performing arts, concert reviews are a common fixture. They are a common requirement in most institutions of learning for students taking music or theatre as their major. This involves attending a concert that fits your course facilitator’s instructions and writing a review about it.

Generally, a review is a personal opinion mixed with observations on a particular happening. A concert review entails just that; you can write about a specific performance you liked, how the event was like from your point of view and your general opinion of the whole thing

  • Concert details

Before you embark on retelling about the events that happened in the concert, it is important to lay out details about the concert. You have to say what the concert was about, maybe it was jazz, or maybe it was a re-enactment of classical music. You should also state where the concert happened and at what day and time. These points act as evidence of your visit and give the reader a preliminary idea of what the concert was about before you start with your review. You can also add some additional details about the event; how often it is held, why it was held and any special theme of the particular event.

  • Your style of writing

The style of writing used in the review matters. Your statements should avoid a lot of first-person references such as “I” and “We”. It is already known that the review is your personal opinion and therefore, these references are unnecessary. Moreover, the use of ambiguous adjectives such as interesting or nice for your review makes the paper bland. If a performance intrigued you, you can use words such as fascinating, enthusiastic or exciting to describe it. The same can be done for not-so-appealing performances. Your review could also do without clichés.

  • Review the instructions

A concert review will more often than not feature some instructions on what the professor needs from your review. Some prefer a general overview of the entire concert while others prefer specific details about each individual performance. Whichever the case, you can summarize the entire concert with a cloak review of all the performances based on common factors such as the energy in them and the effect they had on the audience. Individual performance reviews are easier to write on as the writer can specify elements such as mistakes made on the set, the tone, tempo and energy of a single performance and the performer(s) themselves and how the carried themselves during it.

  • Include personal opinion

In a concert review, including personal opinion is vital to the success of the review. Stating the facts of the performances is only half the work. You have to include how you felt about each performance, what it made you and the audience feel, your favorite performance of the evening and what the music meant to you.

  • Proper conclusion

At the very end of the review, you can add details such as your final feelings on the concert, outlining an aspect that you think should have been better and stating the kind of impact the concert had on you. This can be an introduction to a new genre or period of music or a new band or artist whose music you came to love.

However, sometimes attending a concert and filing in your review can be a daunting task. You may have time constraints, or other engagements that may prevent you from doing so. Just because you have a busy schedule doesn’t mean you don’t deserve good grades. Any of our custom paper writers will attend your concert and review it for you without hassle.