How Ping Pong Tables Are Activating Public Space

A public space is where local communities gather, but the problem with these gathering groups is the lack of interaction between them. People tend to stick to their own groups because there is a lack of equipment that encourages active interaction with others in the same area. Of course, having play areas is a way to get individuals to come together which is why parks have basketball courts and even chess areas.

Those are the common options that cater to a specific niche, which is why an outdoor ping pong table will come as a surprise for the community. Here’s how a ping pong table can change your local public spaces dramatically:

Encourages Interaction

Just like most games, ping pong requires at least two participants to join in on the fun. Single players are more likely to interact with the people in the park for a game or two. The fun can be extended up to four players which makes the game a great way to meet new people and form friendships.

Adults find it harder to interact with other adults, but with a game like ping pong, awkward small talk won’t be an issue. It gives people a common ground to help them connect with each other.

Entertaining A Crowd

If you though an outdoor ping pong table is just for the players, you are wrong. When the game becomes very intense and competitive, spectators will be to take notice and a crowd will gather to enjoy the game. The community can even arrange a local tournament and all-weather surface ping pong table will be brought out for the games. It is all in good fun and a great alternative to other competitive games that are normally held in public spaces.

Active Play

Although it might not look like much, table tennis is actually a great way to exercise. Players need to be active and agile to make sure they don’t miss the ball. There might not be a lot of running and physical contact with other players, but a game of ping pong will keep the heart rate up and the limbs nimble.

Don’t dismiss the game before trying it. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how much work it takes to keep yourself poised and on your toes while playing a game of ping pong in the park.

Easy Maintenance

The outdoor ping pong set is perfect for all weather conditions because it is built to last, even when exposed to extreme weather. It is a very low-maintenance sports equipment which means it will not be a burden to the officials in charge of the public spaces. The tables can easily be set up as a permanent fixture in the public and are free for anyone to use. Plus, the colors on the table can be customized to fit the aesthetic of the plaza or the park.

Make the local plaza or park a friendlier and livelier place by adding a customized ping pong table for everyone to enjoy. It’s a sport that everyone in the community might just want to try at least once.

If you are planning to install an outdoor ping pong table for your community, contact General recreation today. We think of art, physical activity, and social interaction when designing our ping pong tables.