5 of the Best Apps for Children with Autism

Today, technology has changed the way kids with autism can learn and communicate. There are mobile apps today that can give various ways to teach kids with autism. Parents and educators can now use multiple styles to teach a child to adapt to his or her learning pace. When choosing an app, it is important to focus on skills instead of the age or developmental level. Below are the top 5 autism apps.

1. Proloquo2Go

Proloquo2Go is a symbol-based AAC or augmentative and alternative communication built for those who have difficulty speaking. This app offers picture and text, picture only, and keyboard options for message formulation. The voices are male, female, or child and are all natural sounding. This app has a high-resolution library of over 14,000 symbols, advanced word prediction, conjugations, and many more. Proloquo2Go has buttons that stand for different items, actions, and words. The grids present images and words on buttons and these buttons can be used to make sentences or present what the kid wants. You can also add buttons with the use of your own photos. This app can help the students improve in communication and emotional identification and frustration can be decreased.

2. Zoolingo

Zoolingo is an app that makes teaching kids with autism fun and so much easier. There are more than 1000 games for toddlers in this app. Alphabets, numbers, shapes, and animals can be easily taught to children. The games are available in 16 languages. Aside from that, this is a good tool for early education. Zoolingo offers nursery rhymes and allows kids with autism to follow easily. As for learning numbers, they can learn math skills like the others and this app provides a child a good foundation on counting. If your child is struggling with basic words, then Zoolingo can help you.

3. I Can Have Conversations With You!

This app is designed to help children who have problems with conversation and social skills. For parents and educators who want to encourage and empower kids to converse, this app is a good solution.

4. Starfall ABC/Learn to Read

Starfall ABC/Learn to Read teaches the alphabet by letting the kids sound out the letters. Language, reading, and vocabulary are the focus of this app. When children have mastered the letters and sounds, the app can then help readers with the use of simple sentence stories and interesting songs.

5. Choiceworks

This app can help children complete simple tasks, understand and control feelings, and improve patience. Caregivers, educators, and therapists use this app with kids who have been diagnosed with autism, ADD and other learning disabilities so that they can remain motivated. This app is user-friendly and has high quality.

Autism should not be a hindrance to learning. It can be a bit challenging at first but with the advancement in technology, there are now various autism apps that can help parents, educators, and caregivers in teaching a child with autism that adapts to their pace and skills. You no longer have to worry because these are user-friendly apps that can guide you on what to do next.