4 Simple Lesson Structures for Teaching English to Your Kid.

Teaching English to your kid can be simple using Model Structures or Lesson Structures. If you want to teach English to your kid at home, this article will help you with the lesson structures for English. Preschooler and kids need simple flow to understand and learn English and often get distracted while learning something. Therefore it is essential to follow the active teaching models while teaching English to Kids. Tools like flashcards, creative worksheets, or games can help you make a kid stay focused on learning the lessons of English. At the same time, one needs to keep the lessons, realistic, pragmatic with the time-breaks. Here are simple lesson structures for English to teach kids.

1. Greetings, name, and recognize colors.

The first lesson plan is suitable for Age group of 3 to 7 years kids. You can start teaching them with the Greetings like Good morning, Goodnight, hello, what’s your name, etc. Additionally, you need to take practice to identify the Colors. Teach them the action words like jump, run, sit, stand, etc. The lesson duration should be 40 to 50 minutes only.

2. Asking, answering and Personal question and identifying the things.

This type of lesson plan is for kids of age group 8 to 12 years. Teach your kid to understand and answer the primary questions like what is your name, where do you stay, what’s your favorite food or drink, etc.  For Vocabulary, you should teach them things like food, drink, table, chair, pen, pencil, glass, plate, calculator, paper, etc.

3. Talk about the ability

The next step after teaching them the easy vocabulary and question. Ask your kid about their abilities like can you jump, can you run, can you sit, you can write, etc. Teach your kids how to answer these questions. You can use Worksheets to teach them these types of basic questions. It will help your kid to talk about the primary abilities and respond to the questions.

4. Teach Kids how to explain Morning Routine.

Morning Routine activities like wake up, wash your face, brush your teeth, dress up, comb your hairs, etc. are easy to learn.  Teaching these phrases can help your kid how to present activities and tell about the Routine. Morning routines are the easiest ones because they involve simplistic and multiple activities. So teaching about the Morning routines will help you kid to frame the actions in the Sentences.

Along with lesson structures for English, you should ensure few things like your child’s mood and interest to learn lessons.