3 Stylish Back-to-School Backpacks and Their Benefits

Back-to-school backpacks are quite popular. They bring back sweet old memories for grown ups and are stylish valuable school bags for college students. It’s not just their attractive designs that have given them a plausible welcome in the market again, it’s also their strong structure and utility that gives them an edge over normal backpacks. If you are planning to buy one, this know-it-all guide is something you shouldn’t miss.

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3 Popular Types of Back-to-School Backpacks and Their Benefits

Different back-to-school shoulder bags like those by Backpack CND have some marvelous features that make them unique. The following 3 types are worth a special mention:

  • Laptop Bags with USB Charging

These back-to-school laptop backpacks are convenient airport bags that are spacious as well as stylish. They support USB charging that can easily charge your power banks, phones, tablets, and laptops for emergency use. They are popularly also known as anti-theft bags. This is because, they have a concealed zipper design. Also, these backpacks have cushioned straps and they are made water-resistant too. You can also use these bags for hiking and other outdoor activities.

  • Canvas Backpacks

Canvas backpacks are stylish unisex shoulder bags that come in different styles and patterns. For instance, printed canvas backpacks are quite popular amongst other designs. These extremely fashionable backpacks have a built-in charging port on the inside and a USB cable on the outside. They shouldn’t be confused with normal school bags since they are far more advanced. They have multiple compartments, some of which are cushioned too. Their shoulder straps are mostly padded and the bag is usually waterproofed. Since they’re strong, they are also used for travelling and they make freakingly awesome laptop bags too.

  • Patchwork School Bags

These can be two-tone or multi-colored. They also sport different designs and are built for both boys and girls. They have very strong shoulder straps that are easy on shoulders. With a zipper closure and multiple compartments, these patchwork school bags are quite convenient. They come in different sizes too and are very spacious. They can be made waterproof as well. Besides, they are also built for youngsters and come in unique designs and themes like a junk food print or even a simple floral pattern. All in all, you can always find one for different age groups.

Other than these 3 most popular types, some other types catching up with the rest include vintage style messenger backpacks and leather rucksack backpacks and bags.